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The Mightify Career Transition Course is designed specifically for those in emergency services roles, by people who understand the challenges they face on a daily basis.

We understand what a significant change it is to move on from emergency service careers and these courses are designed and delivered by people who have done exactly that. We believe that you will leave these 2 days with greater confidence, better awareness of what’s out there for you and the skills to effectively present yourself.

Topics Covered:


• Methods, approaches and tools for preparing for successful career change


• Personal, psychological and wellbeing dimensions of career change/transition


• Financial impacts and considerations


• Identifying, translating and presenting transferable skills


• Practical tools such as CVs, job applications, LinkedIn and more


• Employment market insights and opportunity reviews


• Models of employment, self-employment and more


• Building a powerful network, online and offline


• Success stories of those that have gone before


• Ongoing support structures

And if you still need more convincing, take a look below at some our feedback and testimonials from people who have attended the course.

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How did you feel about resettlement/transition before the course?

"Very uncertain, nervous, unsure."

"I felt very unsure about what I was going to do and had no ideas regarding future employment."

"I was really concerned with how my skills transposed into a non-policing context, which is why I started to focus my mind on other police style jobs."

How are you feeling about it after taking the course?

"I feel much calmer and in control of my future. I also feel that I have built an extended support network from friends made during the course and knowing that companies like Mightify can assist with that transition. The psychology input has put into perspective the mixed emotions that I have been feeling."

"Due to the increased knowledge that I now have, I feel better equipped and empowered."

"It is really easy to say that somebody has ‘transferable skills’. The course has enabled me to identify and map out the specific transferrable skills that I do have and the opportunities that this may support."

"Empowered!! All my fears and concerns were catered for in these two days."

What did you learn from the course?

"That the experience I have as a Police Officer is valued in the outside world."

"That there is help and support out there."

"The input around knowing yourself and how to sell yourself, was enlightening."


How did you find the course delivery? Pace, duration, presenters etc

"Tom was excellent, understanding, he put everyone at ease and encouraged discourse and engagement. He was really very good."

"The pace was perfect thank you. Delivery was excellent. It was good to have ex officers on the course who could share their experiences pre and post retirement."

"The financial planning session was excellent. I was expecting to hear about products I could invest in but actually, the planning side of it comes first and this was very helpful."


"The course was really well presented in terms of pace, duration, information provided and presenters (who all had their own valuable insights into the various areas covered)."


Would you recommend this course to others?


100% of our course attendees answer with 'yes'.

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