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Personal coaching


Life is too short not to do something that fulfils you. Today, the range of life opportunities is greater than ever – this can be as confusing as it is exciting. Coaching is a great investment in yourself that can help you choose your path or overcome any hurdles in your way. Whatever you want to achieve, whatever you're struggling with, we have the skills and experience to help.


Professional coaching


Work is a massive part of our lives – right up there with sleeping as the biggest use of time! Whether you feel stuck in a rut, have a particular promotion or selection in mind, or you are thinking about a big decision such as career change, we can help. We have worked in the public sector, the private sector, in the UK and overseas, been consultants and run our own businesses so whatever you are thinking about we will be able to help.


CV writing (and reviewing) service


Sometimes it is hard to describe yourself in a way that makes others understand what a great prospect you are. We know how to translate what you've done and who you are into an impactful CV that will excite potential employers. We use our insights, your skills and achievements and their language to get you to the top of their lists. A great CV (and other personal profile material such as LinkedIn) can be combined with coaching to really help you project and promote your offering. Book your CV writing service here.

Interview Preparation


When that top-quality cv has earned you an interview for a new role it can be as daunting as it is exciting. It may be a long time since you attended an interview or it might be in a new sector where you have not worked before. There are some big differences to how job interviews are approached in the private sector to the public sector for example. Not knowing what to expect can put you at a disadvantage. If nothing else, it ramps up the anxiety. We have the techniques and experience to prepare you for interviews and other selection processes so that on the day you are calm, able to shine and give the best of yourself.



Personalised Opportunity Reviews


You may know you want a change. You may have worked out what your key skills are. But do you know how those skills are used in other sectors? What do job titles really mean and which ones match you skills? Let us give you some insights with our personalised opportunity reviews – detailing the sort of areas that are a good fit for you and how to approach moving into them.



Employment Sector Insights


Moving between sectors is one of the biggest worries for many people – especially if you have been in a single public sector organisation for a long time. We can help with a combination of information, advice and insights about individual sectors. 

All of these services are available individually - we recognise that every person has their own requirements.

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Our clients have said:

"I would definitely recommend Tom to anyone seeking more clarity and direction in any area of life"

"Tom is helping me tremendously reaching my goals. His coaching is powerful stuff and helps accelerate and remove barriers, with practical steps and strategies to achieve my aims"

"Tom is a good guy and an awesome coach. Working with him helps me look at things from a fresh perspective"

Tom Wheelhouse, Director of Mightify