The number one career change programme for the 999 and 911 families. For anyone feeling stuck in their police, fire, ambulance or other public sector role who doesn't know where to turn.

If you are committed to making a successful move from the emergency services, we provide a structured and highly personalised programme that will give you everything you need in an intensive support package. Even if you are starting from scratch, you will leave the programme with all of the tangible tools you need, as well as the confidence to present yourself succesfully and land your dream role.

What is it?

A structured, highly personalised programme that will take you from a standing start to a positive, lasting and maybe even life-changing result in your career, health, finances and personal development.

Who is it for?

Anyone in the emergency services who feels that they want to make a change but don't know where to start - or maybe feel that they've tried everything without success and only feel more and more demoralised. 

People who are determined to make a successful move, prepared to work hard at it and put into action the advice, support and techniques we provide - it is not easy and requires effort and an open mind. 

What do I get?

All these tangible products: bespoke CV, tailored cover letter, personalised Opportunity Review, personality tests, professional coaching sessions and ongoing call/text/Skype support, interview prep and application assistance. You'll have access to a dedicated and private LinkedIn group of people on the same journey.

Moreover, you also get: the benefit or our experience and qualifications (we've been there and done it), new ideas and perspectives, a properly planned strategy, a sounding board for your ideas, renewed belief in your ability and much more... 

What results does Mightify achieve?

We genuinely believe that the results we get for our clients are life-changing. The testimonials on this website as well as our social media sites speak for themselves - we have built our success on recommendations and referrals from clients who feel we have given them real value. Whether you are looking to achieve time, money, progression or any other personal goal - we can help you get there.

What experience does Mightify bring?

We've been there and done it. Made the mistakes, made the right calls, learned the hard way - so you don't have to. We combine this with the professional qualifications to provide you a proper structure that takes away the guesswork and trial and error. Fundamentally, we do this because help like this was never there for us, and we want to see great people get the great life they deserve.

How do I start?

Simple - use the contact page on this site to send us a message or book an initial consultation. You can also find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Let us know what you're struggling with and we'll come up with a plan to help.