We are proud to work alongside some great partners who share our ethos and provide a quality service. Check out what they offer below.

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Andy Elwood

Andy has spanned an impressive twenty year career as a paramedic, a search and rescue winchman dangling out of helicopters, and he's served on the battlefields of Afghanistan and in the UK Coastguard. However, he now believes that dedicating his time and focus to mental health will save more lives.

Andy campaigns, gives talks and is a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, initiating important awareness campaigns such as #MenDoLunchDay and driving his 1973 Landrover around the country promoting men's wellbeing.

Find out more at www.AndyElwood.com


Dan Haylett - FTP Financial Planning

Dan Haylett joined TFP Financial Planning Ltd in September 2018. He has worked in financial services since 2005, specifically in investment management, where he has held senior sales and management positions in the City with some of the largest global asset management companies.


Dan’s areas of expertise are client relationship management, the investment markets and building investment strategies.

Find out more at www.tfp-fp.com


The Teacher Empowerment Project

The Teacher Empowerment Project empowers teachers to take their careers in to their own hands in order to choose more of the life they wish to live.

The project was created to be the support that was seemingly absent when teachers were in need of inspiration, a boost, or thinking of hanging up their whiteboard pens. It aimed and still aims to help them by providing time and space to figure out what it is they would like to achieve in their working life and how to go about achieving it. Equally, it aimed to offer no judgement but support to those teachers who did wish to leave.

Find out more at https://teacherempowermentproject.co.uk/



InspirEDucate is a network that aims to celebrate and promote the brilliance of our profession whilst working towards a reimagined education system.  

They offer a range of support services to schools and organisations within the education sector.  Additionally, they connect people together, building social and professional capital within education. 

Find out more at http://www.inspireducate.co.uk/



Can you imagine living a stress-free life? Resilience can be instinctive, it can also be taught. Petros' goal is simple: good mental health and emotional wellbeing for everyone, for life.

Petros prides themselves on delivering the highest quality, evidence-based training to ensure that people are truly thriving in the workplace.

Their work is impactful, their values are powerful and their results really do reflect that. Petros supports organisations and encourages them to do the right thing for the people they employ. It goes without saying that the work they do is worlds away from box-ticking; it’s critical. It instils confidence, enhances resilience and leaves a unique and lasting impact on the individuals and staff they work with.


Find out more at https://petros.org.uk/