We are passionate about helping people find fulfilment, health and success - however that looks to each individual. We've been through the hard times ourselves and we don't want you to go through them alone.  We are particularly dedicated to working with the emergency services. Have a look at this short video to find out more...

Personal Trainer & Fitness Training in Horsham

Personal trainer offering tailored, intelligent, one-to-one fitness training that is based closely around the client's goals. Whether the goal is weight loss, body composition, strength or sport-specific, we will plan a programme that both supports and challenges you so that you achieve and exceed your goals.

Tailored fitness training programs in Horsham designed around you and your lifestyle


Working mostly outdoors, you will get the extra benefits of fresh air and vitamin D that aren't available in gyms. As an entirely independent personal trainer, my sole focus is on your results, rather than tying you into memberships or upsells. Along the way we'll use a variety of bodyweight and resistance exercises with a range of equipment, so that your sessions remain interesting and engaging as well as effective. I will be there at every step to keep you motivated and accountable.


Why choose Mightify personal training?

  • Coming from a background of working in demanding and often stressful jobs myself, I bring a real-world experience and understanding of the limited time and energy you have around your worklife

  • Alongside being a certified personal trainer I am also trained in helping with nutrition and mindset / motivation, meaning I design my personal training programs around all the important areas of your fitness journey

Personal fitness training process

First we will sit down and have a free consultation / trial session. This is for me to get a better idea of your goals, and for you to get to know me as your personal trainer and my methods.

From this I will develop a personal training program which is tailored to you and that works around your lifestyle and commitments. I'll also give you a food diary to keep, which we will review together periodically.


My personal training is all about making sustainable, positive changes.

Helping clients achieve their personal training goals


I have helped many clients achieve and exceed their fitness goals and these are just some of their incredible results:


  • Running their first marathon

  • Experienced runners becoming faster and injury-free

  • Weight loss journeys of several stone

  • Passing military or police fitness tests

  • Recovery from serious injuries




"You're out in the fresh air in beautiful locations, no queuing for machines, I'd recommend it 100%"
Robin, Mightify PT Client