2018 in Review & A 2019 Strategy

It’s been a hectic, challenging but promising year at Mightify Towers, during which we’ve:

- Worked with hundreds of great people from the 999 family, finding many of them new roles, new directions and greater fulfilment – which has been fantastic to see and be part of!

- Developed (and gained accreditation for) the UK’s first bespoke 999 resettlement course

- Helped some of our original 2015/16 clients find their 2nd post-police role, which is hugely satisfying and shows that not only is there life after the job, but lots of it!

- Discovered a small but committed band of like-minded people who also think that it’s possible to build successful support structures for emergency services wellbeing and resettlement

We’ve collated our thoughts on the trends, lessons and opportunities we saw in 2018 – and how these might help you get ahead of the game for 2019.

1. Names – we have been banging on for ages here at Mightify about the need to look beyond the name in job vacancies. The world you are moving to sees and describes things differently, so you need to think about presenting yourself differently too. Employers want to break out from the mould of pre-defined job titles to attract talent that is harder and harder to find (see below). So, it’s more important than ever to be open-minded, to think about what it is you are good at and not limit yourself to searches using your current title. Who knows, you might be an innovation ninja, a risk guru or a Chief Everything Officer… but you won’t find out if you restrict yourself to narrow, niche jargon

2. Skills, skills, skills – the market for people with great skills just gets hotter and hotter. You only have to look at Brexit/immigration debates to see this is a massive issue. Employers are really struggling with some of their traditional sources of recruitment, either because the numbers are not there but more usually because the skills they want aren’t. So, they worry less about specific job knowledge and look for great transferable life skills – which emergency service people have in abundance. Make sure your CV reflects what you are capable of rather than just a narrative of what you have done.

3. “Do-it-for-me” doesn’t just affect B&Q – the end of people doing DIY (which I get - life is too short) and wanting to be presented with the finished article is spilling across into recruitment. Some companies who have for years “grown their own” are direct hiring more people above the previous “entry level”. Great news for experienced people especially those with middle/senior management and leadership skills who know how to sort stuff out and deliver great outcomes. Let’s not get into Direct Entry into policing here though!

4. We often talk about building a strategy that is a bit more innovative than relying solely on an online application, if at all possible – and networking is key to that. Don’t restrict yourself to the recruitment or HR department in your networking or approaches – find the people running the bit of the business you are interested in and see if you can engage with them too. Not only have they got the biggest stake in getting the right people for the job, but they are more likely to spot your potential value – especially in a specialist field.

5. Cyber and risk – if you have either of these in your locker you are on trend. There is a huge appetite for people with these skills. But, taking what we say about titles and looking what lies beneath, make sure you don’t rule yourself out just because you are not a specialist. Yes, many opportunities require deep specific knowledge, but many others will consider what many cops do in this field everyday as pretty specialist. Equally there is always a shortage of people who can translate the detailed specialist work into clear business benefits.

6. Believe in yourself – while we have been thrilled to help more people than ever realise their dreams and ambitions in 2018, self-belief is still in short supply out there! We know from what we see when working with people every day, that as a community emergency service personnel have great transferable skills and are hugely adaptable. We believe in you and so should you. Make it your top New Year resolution.

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