The Mightify Team's 2019 End of Year Review

Reflections on the past year from the Mightify team

As a nice round-up of the past year, we decided that a little Q&A session with the Mightify Team might give you some motivation and inspiration for the year ahead as well as an insight into the (slightly) eccentric personalities behind Mightify (no offence, guys). Here are our reflections...

What were your highlights of 2019?

Tom: Seeing our clients continue to get some really cool new jobs (some of which I quite fancied myself!) and tell us that their lives had changed for the better. Equally seeing others rediscover their passion for their 999 work. Growing the Mightify team with some awesome new talent and building new partnerships with kindred spirits.

Peter W: Seeing the range of new careers and roles that our clients secured - finally starting to put to bed the old mantra that there is a limited range of jobs that ex-cops can do.

Pete: Singing live in public.

Kate: As cheesy as it might sound, getting this job with Mightify! After a two-year extended maternity leave, I was nervous about getting back into the world of work and worried I’d be too ‘out of the loop’. However, it’s been an eye-opening experience and I’ve learned so much about the industry already.

What would you like to see more (or less) of in 2020?

Tom: More of people asking for help and building the confidence to leave unhappy situations. Less toxic things happening just because “that’s how we’ve always done it”.

Peter W: Self-belief is such a big driver in finding a new role and I want to see more of it. Bizarrely even the most successful people are often racked by self-doubt. If you don’t believe in yourself it is hard to persuade others to believe in you. Ex-emergency service workers have so much to offer so stop worrying about whether you are good enough – you are!

Pete: I would like to see more tolerance on social media, more positivity and less anger.

Kate: I’d like to see more people believing in themselves, investing in themselves and realising their worth. If you aren’t happy in your current situation, make 2020 the year for change!

Was there a common theme to the successful career changes you saw in 2019?

Tom: An understanding that if you want things to change, you have to be prepared to change things: take some professional advice, express yourself differently, get out of the comfort zone.

Peter W: One of my favourite “banging on” subjects is about looking at yourself from the outside and shaping how you want others to see the value you can bring to them and their business/organisation. All the big successes of 2019 absolutely nailed this and told their story from that perspective instead of using inward looking, inaccessible language that “outsiders” can’t relate to.

Pete: A realisation that change is possible, but that it is a personal responsibility.

Kate: I’ve been baffled to see just how little confidence so many highly skilled and experienced individuals have, but the act of acceptance seemed to be a common thread running through most of the success stories we’ve seen. Once people can accept and move on from a past negative situation, they really begin to excel, focus on their goals and use it for real positive development.

What's your top tip for anyone looking to make a career change in 2020?

Tom: Understand what you want your life to look like as a result of the change – look at the bigger picture of why you’re moving in the first place and harness that as your motivation. Also, come to a Mightify course or event, obviously!

Peter W: Any sort of change is challenging. You can’t beat some proper planning and decent research. It is what you do with every other big decision in your life – house purchase, choosing kids’ schools, etc – so why not with career change.

Pete: Be honest with yourself and your family.

Kate: Be confident.Be sure about what you want to do.Make sure you’re going to enjoy whatever you’re doing.Speak to your friends and family about – that support is so important.

Do you have any predictions for 2020 when it comes to career development and wellbeing in the emergency services

Tom: Great people will continue to have great opportunities available to them. Whether the emergency services respond to that and tries to support/develop/those people remains to be seen but I’m cautiously optimistic.

Peter W: There will be lots of uncertainty and lots of hot air but I have never known a time when good people are not in demand – 2020 won’t be any different.

Pete: I live in hope that the emergency services will start to proactively value all who work in them. I predict that the growing awareness of options outside the emergency services will continue and that individuals will make career decisions which will positively impact on their well-being.

Kate: Things have been bubbling away at the surface in this industry for a while now and I really feel that 2020 will be the year when we see big changes. Systems, processes and old-fashioned habits and attitudes need to change with regards to career development for the emergency services and we’re now at the very forefront of it all. I’m excited about 2020!

What will your New Year's Resolution be?

Tom: Breakthrough into providing the support we offer to more and more emergency service personnel – in the UK and abroad. Grow a bigger beard. Finish my book…

Peter W: 2020 is my 65th year and my 46th in the workplace. I have tried and missed most resolutions so going forward I have only 2 – a) share what I know while it is useful to someone and while I still know it and b) try not to buy any more really unsuitable cars that are money-pits.

Pete: To write more songs.

Kate: To try and get out of my comfort zone more.To complete and pass my online course.To get my son potty trained before he’s three and never have to see another nappy again!Bring it on!