Career Guidance from Unlikely Sources While You Work From Home

Denzel Washington

If you're just entering the world of working from home, you'll soon be tempted to close the work emails and instead fill the screen with something a bit more entertaining. Now that you're "WFH" (as the regulars say), you might find the odd film or box set too distracting to ignore - but the good news is that not only are breaks good for your brain, but you might just learn a thing or two... Here's a few choice (ok, cheesy and tenuous) career and personal development lessons from the DVD racks of the Mightify office, designed not to make light of a difficult situation, but to show that a little motivation and lateral thinking can come from odd sources... People are always afraid of what's different (Cool Runnings). Who doesn't love Cool Runnings?! I wouldn't say it's a complicated message - if you stay true to your principles and don't let others mould you to the way things have always been done, who "wins" becomes a lot less important than the things we experience along the way. Sorry, I did say it would be cheesy. Remember who you are (The Lion King, preferably the original). Again, a similar theme - often in our work we come across people who have been so driven by their work for so long that they've lost sight of their original unique shape and mission. Plus, who hasn't had to work with someone like Scar at some point? Ultimately, coming back to something that's truly in line with your personality and values is the key to finding fulfilling work. Understand your transferable skills and how to present them in the right language for your target audience - this time exemplified by the job description and essential criteria from Young Guns... "You can't be any geek off the street - gotta be handy with the steel if you know what I mean - earn your keep" Which was the equivalent then of what we might call "an adaptable and resilient problem-solver comfortable with conflicting priorities". Bonus points for the song that quote also appears in... Spotify rabbit-holes are another key feature of working from home, after all. Moving onto my favourite film of all time (yes, really): Space Jam. The whole film is life and careers advice really, and it isn't the first time it's appeared on these pages, but here's the best bit: You already have everything you need to stop Michael Jordan being banished to Moron Mountain. Sorry, I mean to create the ideal life and career for yourself. You see, they thought the secret drink that made them win was magic, but it was just water... just water and self belief! Amazing. Come on, I was about 10. Who am I kidding, I still loved it when I last watched it at 34 and a half. The less said about the theme tune now, the better though. Next up: if you get a shot, take it. (The Untouchables). Pretty simple really - the Canadians might not approve of Kevin Costner's methods, but then they're not from Chicago. He's willing to think laterally and do things a bit differently to get the job done. For the record I am absolutely not suggesting you'll need to get Sean Connery to beat anyone up to get a new job - but the fact is it's a competitive market and when you get your chance you need to be ready to boldly tell people what you can do and why they need to hire you. Get all the tools ready to equip yourself as best you can. In this current period of restrictions and isolation, there are some things you can't do - attend events, network in person - but you can refine your CV, polish your LinkedIn, build connections, upskill yourself and loads more. As proven by my last recommendations: Man on Fire and The Equalizer (let's be honest, it's the same film really). Denzel is a man with a very clear personal brand and elevator pitch - another key element in finding the right role and all things you can work on right now wherever you are. Right, back to work... or maybe I'll just see what's in the fridge first...

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