How We Can Help People in Critical Occupations

Police Officers, Paramedics, Firefighters, Critical Occupations. We can help you. Here's how:

Your career

Times are tough and more people than ever are thinking about their options. We can show you what those positive options are. Staying or going - it's a personal decision, not what everyone else thinks you "should" do, and we can empower you to find things you may not know exist. Our team has been there too and come through the other side into a whole world of experiences to share.

Your health

We all have a choice on where we spend our energy - we build wellbeing elements into all our programmes and harness specialists in physical and mental health, psychology and more to make it a whole-person change.

Your family

Any transition has an impact on those around you. Maybe your family is your focus for making a change in the first place. We are developing specific programmes to support families of first responders.

Your finances

We blend this into all that we do - of course it's crucial but it isn't the only thing and we're moving the conversation away from an oversimplified and short-sighted focus on money.

Your future

All the above is intertwined and all needs consideration and attention. We have helped hundreds of people just like you to find a fulfilling lifestyle they couldn't initially see was possible.

For individuals

We have a "done for you" option with our full CV package, we have the Career Change Club, we have a team of coaches who have been there and done it and have a strong network of opportunities for you to tap into.

For 999/911 organisations

Our Resettlement Course leads the way in equipping your people to navigate leaving in a healthy way, rewarding service, boosting wellbeing and making you an employer of choice.

For employers outside the emergency services:

Our client base and network contains thousands of great people in a talent pool you haven't scratched the surface of yet.

Ready to start?

Have a look around our website for our full programmes, schedules and to book a free, no obligation chat. Or see us at many different events online and in real life this year!

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