Mightify: The Next Level

As things open up again and everything feels a little sunnier, I have a few reflections to share and an invite to you. I've taken a very brief but long overdue headspace break - being outside, being around water, just being.

Firstly - this mission of providing authentic, compassionate and high quality support for the emergency services family has been harder than I ever imagined. Where I expected to find disinterest I also found active resistance. Where I knew I'd have to overcome some barriers I found doors locked, barred and reinforced. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction though, and all that disillusionment and despair and frankly dark places is fuel for me to change things.

I refuse to see good people do good things to their own detriment. Simple as that.

So, what's coming up?

We're now open to clients from any background - we have loads of success stories outside police/999 but now more than ever people need the power of options.

The national footprint of our resettlement programme grows. Get involved. We will be offering accessible, affordable, bitesize support to supercharge your career.

We have some powerful collaborations in store so watch this space!

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