Why It's Never Too Early To Start Unlocking Your Potential

I’ve recently undergone the task of submitting my son’s school application for September 2021, and although it still seems crazy that he will be starting school soon (where did those last 3 years go?), the process has brought up some interesting questions and I’ve noticed many similarities between preparing my child for a new environment and the career and life coaching Mightify provides for its clients in preparing them for life outside of the emergency services.

The school booklet I was given takes you through the journey that the child is set to follow during their school years, focusing on developing their key personal skills, to providing them with tool kits to tackle any problems they may face. The booklet talks about helping them to realise and encourage their dreams and aspirations with a clear sense of reality and perspective, whilst giving them the skills to learn how to deal with disappointment, but also the importance of self-motivation and the ability to reflect and self-evaluate.

Now, you may think this all sounds a bit too serious or deep for a four year old to contemplate, but it’s so crucial that we instil these values early on and make sure children have the confidence and resilience to face the opportunities and challenges of a continually changing world.

So if we are encouraging and urging these values in our children, why does that support, care and compassion seem to stop for people in professions like policing and teaching, especially when after multiple traumas, burnouts, zero work-life balance, huge stresses and virtually no praise, this is when these people need it the most?

Going back to that booklet, it describes how they regularly throw their pupils into the ‘Learning Pit’, which is basically the squiggly line of self-doubt and the rollercoaster process of ‘success doesn’t happen overnight’ – an example we often use with our clients going through the ups and downs of a career change. The school booklet describes the Learning Pit process as follows:

1) Learning

->I think I know the answer -> This isn’t as easy as I thought

2) The Pit

-> I’m confused -> I need to work hard at this -> I’m starting to get it now

3) Success

-> Eureka! I understand it now!

If you want to find out more about how we help people through these sorts of journeys, we’ve created our own career change journey diagram which you can see here.

Going back to our ethos here at Mightify; we always put people first. We don’t just hand things to our clients on a plate. For growth and development to truly flourish, we encourage them to really think about the bigger picture – understand why they want to make a particular choice and to be sure they’re making that choice for the right reasons, not just because they think they should do it that way.

Again, the school booklet advocates this same thinking and it certainly relates to how Mightify’s expert team coaches clients about the right choices, focusing on developing the individual as a whole in order to achieve their full potential.

To put it simply, our emergency service workers, teachers and any other people in front line professions deserve the very best support - and we’re here to give them that.

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