The idea for Mightify started a few years ago when a friend told me he’d like to leave his job, but “didn’t have any skills”. As a frontline Police officer in a challenging part of London, clearly he was wrong. However he was also pretty normal in his feelings. Why do people stay in jobs they hate, relationships that make them unhappy, tolerate feeling unfulfilled? Mightify is founded on the idea that everyone has a unique set of skills, and huge potential. The problem is that all too often “life” gets in the way and we never get round to taking the steps toward achieving that potential. Mightify offers the training and coaching to help bridge the gap – I’ve been on similar journey, and now I want to share the tools with you.

We've rapidly built a strong reputation for getting our clients great results - whether it's in their health and fitness, finding new careers or just overall learning to believe in themselves again - we can help. We take great pride in getting to know our clients personally and taking the time to tailor everything we do to their individual needs.


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