The Mightify Briefing - Episode #011

Jun 04, 2023

This week's newsletter brings you:

- Your last chance to join our next Career Change Challenge group (psst - people from the last one are already handing in notices...)
- Some hidden benefits of a career change
- A transatlantic view of transition
- A heartfelt success post from a member of our community

Plus, as always, our pick of the jobs that have caught our eye.

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The countdown is on! Are you ready to hand in your notice?

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Working Every Christmas Doesn't Have to be Normal...

On LinkedIn this week, Joe was looking at some hidden benefits of a successful career change...

One of the most underrated benefits of leaving the police is the routine.

I used to rebel against it, but the world does work in a 9—5 pattern.

- I eat better,
- I sleep better,
- I have time to exercise

I don't feel like I'm missing out anymore, I get to do what I want.

I'm at work when the world is at work, and I'm free to enjoy it when there's something to celebrate.

Be that a birthday, Christmas, a bank holiday, or a world Cup game.

It's not just the shifts, but the unpredictability of case work, court, overtime and the weight of the responsibility.

It's so easy to underestimate how much you give to the job.

Don't fall into the trap of believing that all work is like that.

This is taken from a LinkedIn post by someone we've had the pleasure of speaking to along his journey, and his thoughts on leaving the police. I'm sure it will resonate with many of you! He was kind enough to mention us, but really the reason for sharing this is the powerful simplicity of the Why, How and What approach. (Tom)

"I have just returned my warrant card and I am a police officer no more.

Leaving was not an easy process but I knew I had to. My moment of clarity came when I was watching my kids play football. I just didn’t want to miss seeing that anymore.

As I thought about it, it became apparent that policing was taking more away from me personally than it was giving. If it had been a 50/50 contribution I would probably have stayed.

Other issues culturally most certainly helped my decison to go. Surprisingly I didn’t worry one bit about the pension.

If you are a cop looking to get out, I would advise first determining your why. Why do you want out? Is that why stronger than the desire to remain? If yes, it’s probably time to go.

After that you need your what. What do you want to do. Find something that you can do or would enjoy doing. Look into it. It’s ok if this what changes. Also remember you are not stuck if it doesn’t work out. There is opportunity out there. Be patient and determined.

The next is the how. How do I get out. Your first port of call should be Joe Crocker and Tom Wheelhouse. They won’t do the work for you but will definitely get you on the right track.

I feel very much like I’ve left a very shallow pool and I’m now in the ocean. There are more risks out there but also many more opportunities."

Transatlantic Transitions

Tom sat down with kindred spirit John Saporsky of US-based "LE Connect" this week.

Hope, community and mindset shifts were just 3 of the crucial career change concepts for police officers discussed.

Guess what - the same challenges exist across UK, US, Canada, Australia and everywhere else. Which only underlines the power of the community-based approach and why we're building a tribe.

We also dug a lot deeper:

- why this is fundamentally a mental and emotional challenge as much as simply a "work" one.
- what happens when the invites to the team events dry up
- taking confidence and positivity from your successes

You can watch a short excerpt of the chat here, with more to come soon:


Investigator EMEA, Uber, London

Engagement Manager, CIPD, Scotland, £45k
Engagement Manager (Scotland) | CIPD | | CharityJob

Head of STRAP, People and Places, Cabinet Office, c£60k

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