The Mightify Briefing - Episode #012

Jun 11, 2023

Ice creams at the ready for another sunny weekend career change briefing.

This week, we share another inspiring success story from the community, as well as an opportunity to get out running for your mind health with like-minded people.

Joe tackles the tricky topics of feeling guilt or even betrayal when you leave the police.

Plus, as always, our pick of the jobs we think you might like.

Ready? Let's dive in!

Success Story: From the Custody Suite to the Windsor Suite

"I liked the dynamic nature of policing. I liked the spontaneity. I certainly enjoyed that, but although I'm now owning a massive portfolio it feels a lot more balanced. The stresses that are there are healthy stresses".

This week's success story comes from Beth Sparks, who traded the custody suite for managing VIP life at Heathrow Airport, before pivoting again into meaningful work in line with her values.

Beth talked us through her journey with openness and honesty that we think will bring great inspiration and ideas to you. Here are a few excerpts:

On her approach to identifying her transferable skills:

"When I was getting promoted, all of a sudden I thought I needed some "projects" to demonstrate my worth. But police officers in their day-to-day activities are navigating and managing relationships. They're building really strong partnerships. Good communication skills. Also a lot of strategic management and oversight: if I go into this situation, I do x y and z. I can reasonably anticipate that the outcomes are x and those are the outcomes I want. What's the bigger picture around that?

You do that strategic risk assessment intuitively."

On choosing work that fits:

"There are a lot of roles that I look at, because I'm always questioning what's out there as part of my growth. I know they're not for me because I've spent a lot of time identifying what my personal values are in the workplace and what motivates me. I know my motivation is from helping others and having creativity to decide how I do that. I also like working with autonomy, those are really important things."

For those feeling a bit stuck:

"I would say believe in yourself and your ability to exist somewhere other than in the police. Yes, it will be scary. But in a year or two years you'll be where I am, saying I wish I'd done this earlier".

The full video, which is packed with insights and tips, will be available soon in the Mightify community.

Beth also runs a brilliant initiative called Blue Light Runners, an online running community for the emergency services, NHS & their supporters: Running together for mental health.

You can find them on twitter @runners_blue and we encourage the runners, or budding runners, among you to get involved!

Got a story to share? We're always keen for new guests for our Career Change Clinic - whether you've made the jump yourself, whether you're looking for talent or if you just feel like a kindred spirit.

Know of someone you think we should interview? Let us know!

Leaving the police is a 'betrayal' or a failure...

Joe looks at the difficult emotions around leaving - and what to do about them.

Most people I speak with express some form of guilt for considering it an option.

"If I leave it makes it harder for everyone else."
"I'm disappointed I didn't do my full 30 - I thought I'd be a lifer"
"I'm the only one who can do [x}, I'd feel bad for leaving"

The camaraderie and loyalty on display here are second to none, but as with all support, first aid, or rescue operations - you've got to consider yourself first.

Objectively think about

• What you want,
• Who you want to be,
• What's truly important to you

and accept that the answers may have changed in the last 5 years because,

• Kids come along,
• People get divorced,
• Life gets expensive

Perhaps you've just processed too much trauma. Or maybe, you've just grown as a person and things don't 'fit' quite like they used to.

There's no guilt, shame, or disappointment in any of that - it's just life.

In fact, the ONS data shows 9% of people on average change jobs each year, and job changers experience higher wage growth than those who stay.

So, if deep down you know you don't really want it to be 'forever', then a better understanding of your options is a good idea.

Operations Manager, C London, £60-80k

Safeguarding Manager, Diabetes UK, to £38k
Diabetes UK Jobs - Safeguarding Manager (

Management Consultant - National Security, £45-80k

"Jobs of the Week" are hand-picked because we think they could be a good fit for our community. Want us to find relevant jobs in your area or in a specific field? Let us know what you're looking for!

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